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The important fact about Android Things IoT Platform

Image of Android Things IoT Platform

what is the Android Things IoT Platform?

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Android Things which was formerly known as “Brillo” is a platform for smart devices, which is also known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Most product producers get access to Android APIs, Google services, and Android developer tools.  Google’s Internet of Things Solutions is a platform, which also includes Google Assistant, which is the company’s virtual assistant.

What is the Internet of Things?

image showing IOT

The internet of things refers to non-computer devices with installed Internet communication protocols to enhanced the user experience of the smart device.  The smart oven, refrigerator, TV, ring doorbell, etc, are fine examples of this kind of device. It may use Wi-Fi or other smart communication protocol to enable you to control it remotely. Plus, it amazing personalizes features which may really meet you. These smart devices compare your schedule with typical temperature preferences of similar users to utilize less electrical energy heating or cooling when you’re likely not home or not awake.

Why Do Smart Devices Need an Operating System? 

An operating system enables users to have the option of controlling all their smart home devices from one app or more

Android Things gives you a platform to easily communicate with your smart devices and for those devices to communicate with each other.

For instance, you could schedule the week’s menu for food from your smartphone and have the smart home app check your smart refrigerator to see what you already have. Then the app orders what is missing inside the fridge from the grocery store, so that you can pick it up when you are heading home from work or the delivery could be done to you from the grocery store. Next, you can notify your smart oven to start preheating so you can start cooking as soon as you arrive home or as soon as the ingredients are delivered to you. And when you step into the house, the thermostat  automatically set your preferred temperature and lot more

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