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Home automation is the process of installing an internet control electrical electronic system that can make your home or house smart. With this system, you can control the electrical and electronic appliances in your building from a smart mobile device anywhere in the world.

This term is sometimes used for isolated programmable devices, such as thermostats and sprinkler systems, but demotic automation system more accurately describes homes in which nearly everything — lights, electrical appliances, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems, home security system (includes your alarm system, for all the doors, windows), smoke detectors, surveillance cameras and any other sensitive sensors connected to your home electrical system — are linked up to a remotely controllable network Which can be accessed and control with your mobile phone anywhere on earth.

We live in a time in which so many technological advancements is at our fingertips, our lives are made easier with this home automation, automated home, helps homeowners in a number of ways. In fact. What are the ways in which a home automation system can benefit you personally?

Five (5) Benefits for Automating Your Home

  • It Can Add Safety Through Appliance And Lighting Control


One of the advantages of home automation is that it can add safety for both your family and home. How so? You can control all your appliances and lighting with a simple tap of your finger on your favorite technological device (smartphone). With this technology you can check to verify that your child turned off the curling iron or ensure that the oven has been switched off from the morning family breakfast.

You also enjoy an added measure of safety through your ability to control the lights in your home. Not only does this allow you to confirm that lights are off when you are leaving the house you can indeed save electricity and thus reduce your bill, it also enables you to turn them on at specific times if you would want it to look like you are home. This also assists in increasing the safety and security of your home.

  • Your Home Doors Can Be Secured Through Automated Door Locks


Another benefit of automating your home is that you can use automated door locks. Sometimes, you may mistakenly leave your home while rushing for work or a meeting only to realize you forgot to lock your front door. Through an automated system, with the tap of your finger you can look at your door.  Your mind will quickly be at rest, and you can concentrate on your day’s work rather than worrying yourself about who may or may not be entering your home.

And also, you have to leave to work before your children leave for school, you stand to worry about nothing. Often, children run out of the house to catch the bus and forgot to lock the door. Each day from your office you can have control of this situation by locking your door using your smartphone. With this system you can be alerted each time someone enters your home, and this can also allow you to monitor who is entering your home at all times, even when you are not around.

  • You Can Have A View Of Your Home Through Your Smart Device


It so sad that we just cannot be everywhere at once. This implies that we often miss things that happen at a particular time in a place, and most time even in our home or yard. With your home being automated, you can easily see what is happening in your home, through cameras installed at strategic places in the building and connected to the automation network which control from your smartphone.

Now with this you can make sure no unwelcome guests arrive unbeknownst to you or your family. This security camera will increase family safety by recording clips when movement is detected or at specific times of the day or night.

  • It Can Save Your Time


Today’s world is busier than in time past that no secret, indeed is a fact, if you are a type who constantly run from place to place, working to achieve everything on your never-ending “to-do” list. Because of a home automation system which has a high-tech nature, you never have to worry about going back to the house to open the door for your children after school or making a quick stop at home to adjust household electrical appliances for your children. With a single tap of your finger on your smartphone you can do all this adjustment. Thus save precious time and experience more daily productivity.

  • You Can Save More Money And Increase Convenience 

Home automation enables you to save more money. The most beneficial impact of this system is that it will help reduce your monthly utility bill. You will No longer be spending money on household appliances you left ON in your family’s absence. You will also save on gas (petrol) costs, as you will never need to go back to the house in order to turn something off or on.

This is indeed convenient. You will have complete control of your home electrical load and turn it off and ON when you need which will certainly reduce your electricity bill and thus enabling you to save money without exerting any additional effort


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