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6 common problems with microwaves

6 common problems with microwaves

why it is important to know about some of the common problems with microwaves is that, Microwave is one of the most popularly used kitchen electrical appliance these days and because of it important in many homes today technology has advance this electrical appliance into a smart device so there are smart microwave available today to make it usage more comfortable and enjoying able.

Despite this advancement in the technology of microwave, Like any other home appliance either a smart or unsmarts microwave fails and breaks during it lifetime usage. However, what are the common problems that you may encounter with your microwave at home. Below are the common faults or problems with microwave and their possible solutions:

1.    One common problems with Microwaves is no heat coming out from it.

an image showing microwave magnetron

Microwave not heating is one common problem usually experienced when using these kitchen appliances. Most popular cause of this issue is magnetron failure. A magnetron is a component inside the microwave which uses high voltage to generate microwave frequency to cook food. If the microwave is continually turned on when there is nothing inside for it to cook or heat, that is when it is empty, this can cause the magnetron to burn out and become damaged.

When this happens the microwave does not produce heat or does not heat up again, therefore the only solution to this problem is to replace the magnetron, as it cannot be repaired when it burn out. Other possible cause of problem like this are burned out diodes, damaged capacitor, door switch that are defective and transformer failure so endeavor to checked this before replacing the magnetron.

2.   Another common problems with Microwaves is when it runs and then stops immediately

image of a microwave with faulty door

Some of the possible causes of this problem are faulty door switch, damaged transformer, faulty touch pad and defective fan motor. Nevertheless, this thing should be checked and fixed for the microwave to return to its normal operation. other common problems with microwaves includes;

3.     Microwave buttons do not work

image showing microwave faulty bottun

The touch pad or microwave button stop working. If this happen to your microwave, it indicates that the control panel or the touch-pad of your microwave is defective or have been damaged.  Another possible cause for this can be a defective main control board. This can be fixed by replacing the touch pad or working on the control panel.

4.     Microwave  plate does not spin

Inside a microwave there is always a rotating motor below the plate that is responsible for the rotation of the plate or spinning of the microwave plate. So the most possible cause of this issue is a worn out or damaged motor. Though electric motor inside microwave can be easily replaced. However, if the motor is fixed and the problem is not solve, there is a fault in the main control board of the microwave. If the control board is working perfectly, then the touch pad or control panel should be checked. Watch the video from repairclinic to see how to fix your microwave when it does not spin

5.     Microwave light bulb does not turn on during operation

There is a small bulb inside a microwave located close to the grill, which illuminate when the microwave is in operation. If the bulb does not light up then it may have fused. Other possible reasons are damage bulb socket and faulty wiring.  If the bulb socket and wiring is checked and they are working perfectly then inspect the main control board.  The control board may have gone faulty, and fails to allow the flow of current to the bulb socket.


6.     Sparking inside microwave

Sparking inside your microwave is a common problem, and does not indicate that your microwave is very bad. It requires you to immediately turn off your microwave and perform the necessary check. Some of the Possible reasons behind this problem are damaged wave-guide cover, damaged diode, faulty rack support or worn out paint from the inside walls of your microwave. Watch the video from partselect and see how to replace faulty rack support in microwaves

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