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3 types of inverter battery! Which is best?

3 types of inverter battery! Which is best?

A battery is an important component of a solar electrical system. The functionality and life of an inverter largely depends on its battery. Inverter battery has several classifications. Below are a few of them:

  1. Lead Acid inverter Battery
  2. Maintenance Free inverter battery
  3. Tubular inverter battery

1.Lead Acid Inverter Battery

Lead Acid Inverter Battery

The most commonly used inverter batteries are Lead-acid batteries. These batteries produce a large amount of current and they are rechargeable. They are very economical and light in weight. Its lifespan is about 3-4 years. Although they require frequent maintenance, therefore it is important to regularly check the electrolyte level, and if you are competent top it up whenever it is low. If not it is recommended you contact an electrician. Note this type of battery release harmful gases during charging and discharging. So they must be installed at an open place or a well-ventilated place at home.

2.Maintenance Free Inverter Battery

Maintenance Free Inverter Battery

Unlike the lead-acid batteries, Maintenance-free batteries are the sealed lead acid batteries that do not require regular electrolyte level checks and topping up. These types of batteries are safer compared to normal lead-acid batteries. However, they are expensive compared to normal lead-acid batteries and have a better lifespan.

3.Tubular Inverter Battery

Tubular Inverter Battery

The most popular and efficient inverter batteries are Tubular batteries. Their designs are complex, it has great efficiency and longer operational lifespan of about 8 years plus. Above all it cost of maintenance is low and due to the many advantages of the batteries, they are very expensive

You need to be very careful with the local batteries that are available in the market. Many individuals today usually go for branded inverter set and local batteries. However, it is not a good combination. Don’t use local batteries. They have many disadvantages like poor efficiency, low safety, poor operational life, and high maintenance. Do not weak your inverters system by using these local and less efficient batteries.


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